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Birth Date: 1955
Birth Place: Madison, WI
Passed Away: 2003

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Date submitted: March 29, 2007
Gift: Tree
Location on plaza map: C1
Areas of Achievement: Business, Clerical, Science
UA Women's Studies and SIROW mourn and honor Jo Ann Troutman. Jo Ann Troutman, Senior Business Manager for Women's Studies and SIROW, passed away December 8, 2003. Her many contributions and outstanding personal qualities were honored at a crowded memorial service in the Rincon Room of the Student Union on Friday December 12. Jo Ann came to Women's Studies and SIROW as Administrative Assistant in 1984 and rose to the position of Senior Business Manager. The amount, range, and quality of her work have been extraordinary. During this last year she was responsible for over 50 accounts and a budget of more than $2 million. She took care of office equipment, space allocation, computer trouble-shooting, was building monitor, did graphic design, served on an array of committees, and much more. With her degree in microbiology, for over a decade she was the mainstay of the Women in Science and Engineering Program. Jo Ann served on the University's Commission on the Status of Women and was a leader in the Daughters on Campus Day. But these facts leave much to be said about how Jo Ann has done her work and what she has meant to Women's Studies and SIROW. Comments in her files by Heads of Wome's Studies and letters of appreciation written over the years identify Jo Ann as the heart and history of Women's Studies, who showed responsibility to the Department beyond the call of duty. As early as her first year on the job, her efforts were lauded as "absolutely Herculean." Jo Ann received many awards that testify to her professional accomplishments, among them the University's Staff Award for Excellence and more than once the Social and Behavioral Sciences Outstanding Staff Award. But it has not been all grinding business - Jo Ann's many talents and generosity led her to make and decorate cakes for our birthdays, write song lyrics for departmental events, and to bake cookies for construction workers. The graduate students of 2003 gave her an award for being "The Cat's Meow." We can all agree and will miss her greatly.

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Written by: Women's Studies Colleagues, 2004
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Date submitted: October 24, 2006
Gift: Leaf Tile - large
Location on plaza map: C6
Jo Ann grew up in Chatham, Virginia, the treasured youngest of four daughters. While still a young teenager, she moved to Arizona with her family and graduated from Kofa High School in Yuma, Arizona, in 1974. She went on to attend the University of Arizona earning a degree in Microbiology. After graduation, Jo Ann joined the staff of the University making it her home until her untimely death in 2003. Although her family members lived some distance away, no special occasion or holiday gathering was complete if Jo Ann could not be there. She made her own unique contribution to each occasion, from the beautifully wrapped Christmas packages she presented to the beautifully decorated wedding cake she created for her niece to the incisive wit and keen sense of humor she loved to share. Jo Ann was an independent, intelligent, and sensible young woman with a soft spot in her heart for stray cats and underdogs. Although in poor health herself for many years, she never failed to help a friend in need or donate to a worthy cause. She is greatly missed by her family and friends. --Marilyn Sell, Myra Spence and Sharon Thomson