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Birth Date: 1910
Birth Place: Glyndon, Minnesota
Passed Away: 1996

Honored By

Donor names:   Eugene G. Sander
Date submitted: February 27, 2008
Gift: Brick Paver - large
Location on plaza map: B4
Areas of Achievement: Education, Home Making
Kathryn G. Sander was born Kathryn Grant in Moorehead, Minnesota in 1910. At a time when advanced education was not the norm for young women, Kathryn received her bachelor of science degree from North Dakota State University and her master\'s degree from the University of Minnesota. Kathryn married Victor Sander in 1934. Kathryn\'s love of education strongly influenced the lives of her two children, Eugene and Carol, both of whom had long careers in education. Kathryn was a home economics teacher in high schools in Dodge Center and Claremont, Minnesota, and in a junior college in Rochester, Minnesota. She finished her career as chair of the Home Economics Department of Chatsworth High School in Northridge, California. Kathryn was a strong, focused woman who loved beauty and who influenced positively all who knew her. It is fitting that she be remembered in a beautiful setting in a place of learning. We love her and miss her and are proud to honor her in the Women\'s Plaza of Honor.