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Birth Date: 1913
Birth Place: Alabama
Place of Death: California
Passed Away: 1968

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Date submitted: September 29, 2014
Gift: Brick Paver - small
Location on plaza map: B4
Areas of Achievement: Business, Sales/Retail, Self-Employed
Mrs. Ella Maud Campbell was born one of thirteen children to Mrs. Mary Ann Hunter, wife of Mr. George Hunter, and one of the first African American teachers in the state of Alabama. She was the great grand-daughter of Mrs. Mariah Green, a freed slave, and the grand-daughter of Mrs. Ella Gunn, who was the wife of a share cropper, and principal of a Freedman Bureau school. Mrs. Campbell’s aunts, Mrs. Amanda Hines and Mrs. Doshe Phillips were teachers in that same school.

Mrs. Campbell was an Interior Decorator, and the first African American woman in Atlanta, Georgia to receive a business license to operate such a business. She opened the ‘Campbell’s Drapery and Variety Shop’. Her company moto was: “Making Old Things Look New”. Among her many jobs, she decorated the home of the Board of Education Secretary, and a room in the Governor’s Mansion.

Mrs. Ella Maud Campbell was married to Mr. Harry Campbell. She raised 6 children, four boys and two girls, all of whom she inspired and encouraged. She taught them to get a ‘good education’, to maximize their learning potential, to be good Christians, and to work hard. Each of her children embodied her teachings, and those teachings are reflected in their respective lives. Her oldest son served in the U.S. Air Force and like his mother owned his own business. Her second born son served as a paratrooper in the U.S. Army and as Chief of Detectives in Chicago, Illinois for many years. Her next son served in the U.S. Air Force and retired a bilateral amputee. Mrs. Campbell’s youngest son is a retired New York Police Commander. Both of her daughters are retired from the Federal Government, and both hold Doctoral Degrees.

Mrs. Ella Maud Campbell departed this life in 1968. She was a devout Christian who is still dearly loved and missed very much.