The University of Arizona


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Birth Date: 1957
Birth Place: Burlington Iowa

Honored By

Donor names:   Brent Williams
Brianna Williams
Date submitted: September 1, 2016
Gift: Brick Paver - small
Location on plaza map: B4
Areas of Achievement: Business, Home Making, Volunteer
Rita Williams was born in Burlington, Iowa in November of 1957. She gained her love of helping people from her mother and her love of helping animals from her father. As a young child Rita loved all animals but especially loved cats. She would feed the stray cats and as she got older her brother would get her Persian cats as gifts. To this day Rita still loves cats and just recently adopted an adult cat whose owner past away. Rita also has a huge heart for helping other people. She donates to different organizations around Arizona and also donates her time to helping others. Rita is the mother of two grown children who are amazed by all she does for everyone else. We love our mom so much and will never be able to fully thank her for all she has done for us. She continually provides us unconditional love and support in every aspect of our lives. We love you so much mom and hope we can do as much for you as you have done for us and countless others in your life!