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Birth Date: 1925
Birth Place: Aurora, IL
Passed Away: 1993

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Date submitted: October 24, 2006
Gift: Leaf Tile - large
Location on plaza map: C6
Tall, pretty, and shy, Myriam Berger grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, during the Great Depression and met and married Joseph Troutman, a handsome young soldier, during World War II. Like so many women of her era, she devoted her early adulthood to making a loving and comfortable home for her husband and four daughters. She led by example, in her faith, in her devotion to family, and in her love of beauty, flowers, music, and humor.

Even before the Women's Liberation Movement, Myriam had established an equal partnership in her marriage, pursuing many of her own interests while lending unfailing support to those of her husband and children. As her daughters were becoming independent young women, Myriam returned to school and studied nursing at Arizona Western College in Yuma, Arizona. She became a Registered Nurse in 1970, setting a state record for her score on the licensing examination. She worked at the Yuma Regional Medical Cener for 15 years, retiring in 1984. She passed away in 1993 at age 67 after a long battle with cancer, and is missed every day by her family and friends. --Marilyn Sell, Myra Spence and Sharon Thomson