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Birth Date: 1938
Birth Place: Germany
Passed Away: 2003

Honored By

Donor names:   Karol Orstedt
Date submitted: October 24, 2006
Gift: Leaf Tile - small
Location on plaza map: C3
Areas of Achievement: Higher Education, Volunteer, Holocaust survivor
This space is dedicated to the memory of my friend Oda Berg, who was born in Germany on March 11, 1938. A Holocaust survivor who, with steadfast determination, fought adversities and infirmities from early childhood till her death in 2003.

Oda earned bachelorís and masterís degrees with honors at the University of Arizona. She was an outstanding human being, a generous woman, and an inspirational instructor with a vast array of knowledge. She taught a variety of classes at Pima Community College, but her heart was in humanities and literature.

Oda had a caring, empathetic and supportive character that naturally led her to be a volunteer in hospice care. These were the same qualities that made her an exceptional, true and lasting friend.

There is no doubt that Oda Berg would have loved everything about the Womenís Plaza of Honor and is a truly worthy honoree.

Information Sources:
Karol Orstedt