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Birth Date: 1991
Birth Place: Tucson, Arizona

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Date submitted: October 24, 2006
Gift: Leaf Tile - small
Location on plaza map: B5
Jean Johnson, founder of "The Hot Flashes" was a woman definitely ahead of her time. In founding of the organization in 1991, her vision was to get ladies off the couch and onto their feet tapping. She was owner, founder and sometimes choreographer. Through her persistence and guidance this organization forged a recognition of senior women in today’s world.

Starting with only herself and an associate, the group grew to 41 senior women tapping and performing for multiple organizations across the United States. No organization was too small or too big to entertain. Performing for other organizations comprised of senior women, Jean sent a strong message that age had no bearing on the capabilities women possessed and that it was never too late to use them.

This leaf is dedicated to Jean Johnson and "The Hot Flashes."