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Birth Date: 1957
Birth Place: New York

Honored By

Donor names:   Brigid Blazek
Date submitted: May 15, 2009
Gift: Brick Paver - small
Location on plaza map: B4
Areas of Achievement: Activism, Adventure, Domestic Work, Education, Higher Education, Sales/Retail, Volunteer
My mom has been a source of support for everything from school, personal relationships, general advice, and life decisions. She is the woman I look to when I am unsure, when I have something important to share, and the one that comes to mind when discussing influential people. I am what I am today because of my mom and the love she has given me. She is my best friend and she deserves so much more than what she thinks she does. I look up to my mom for the woman she is and what she is trying to become. She has been taking classes since I started high school and I am proud to say that she will be graduating with her Associates Degree this coming summer. Having a strong woman to look up to is important in any girl’s life and my mom is just that, a strong, intellectual woman who has so much to teach and never wants to stop learning. My mom is someone I could not do without and I do not remind her of that enough. She is a unique woman and the place in my heart is not big enough to hold the love I have for her.

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