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Birth Date: 1935
Birth Place: Williams, Arizona
Place of Death: Tucson, Arizona
Passed Away: 2006

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Date submitted: October 24, 2006
Gift: Leaf Tile - small
Location on plaza map: C3
Areas of Achievement: Manufacturing, Technology
Arthelia "Archie" Bouchard Willits Burch was born in Williams, Arizona, July 5, 1935. Although leaving high school in her junior year, Archie nonetheless had a successful working life, starting with Hughes Aircraft in 1955 as an assembler, and moving up through electronics assembly firms in Tucson such as Burr-Brown and Mint Corporation as inspector, tester, technician, line manager and finally process control manager at ECS, from which she retired in 1998. In addition to this working life, Mrs. Burch has also helped to hold the extended Bouchard and Willits families together. She was married at 19, and her first son, Roy David Willits, Jr. was born in 1955. At the age of 25, just after the birth of her second son, Kenneth, and facing divorce, Archie moved back into her motherís home. This was the time that her mother became incapacitated by the heart disease which would take her life, leaving Archie with the care of her younger sisters, then in their mid-teens, until they moved on to start their own families. At various points over her life, her sons and their families, various nephews, cousins, and grandchildren, have called her house home. She is an example of the perseverance, work ethic, and wisdom which women draw upon to support families in difficult times. Archie passed away December 18, 2006 in Tucson of cancer.