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Donor names:   Margaret Randall
Date submitted: April 26, 2012
Gift: Brick Paver - small
Location on plaza map: B4
Areas of Achievement: Activism, Community Building, Politics, Social Justice, Ethnic Studies, Human & Civil Rights for Chicanas/os
Kim Dominguez is a Chicana feminist, mother, and proud alumni of Tucson’s Mexican American & Raza Studies Program. Born and raised in Tucson, Arizona, she is a sexual and domestic violence survivor who grew up impoverished on the South Side. Kim is also the first in her family to graduate at Cholla High School. Since graduating high school she has dedicated her life’s energy and work to organizing with the Social Justice Education Project around educational inequities for students of color. In addition she is an activist for human and civil rights for Chicana/os. Her goal as a divorced single mother is to create and transform spaces for women of color in her community. Que viva ethnic studies!