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Thank you for your interest in the history of the Women's Plaza of Honor! 

The campaign for the Plaza seeks to record the vital roles women have played in history, and to raise funds to support the Department of Gender and Women’s Studies. As of August 2011 the Plaza has recognized close to 700 women, engaged more than 45 volunteers in 8,000 hours of work, and established a sizeable endowment. The Plaza was dedicated in 2005, and a kiosk containing a database of honorees’ life stories was dedicated in 2009. The campaign now looks toward continued growth in the future.  Follow the links below to read a detailed history of the UA Women’s Plaza of Honor or you can download the entire history document here: (pdf)

Surpassing Limits: A History of the Women’s Plaza of Honor
Part One: 1998-2005


1998-2000: Starting the Project and Setting Goals
2001–2004: Deciding Plaza Policy
Design and Construction Sub-Committee
Fundraising Sub-Committee
Publicity Sub-Committee
History Sub-Committee
2004-2005: Building and Dedicating the Plaza